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Uniting for the 24th District

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Pagán-Banks

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Pagán-Banks (she/ella/they) has been a part of the North of Howard, Rogers Park community since 1999 and has served as Executive Director of A Just Harvest since October 2002, living in the same unit since 2003. Rev. Pagán-Banks was instrumental in leading A Just Harvest through a growth period whereby the organization added advocacy and economic development programming targeting the root causes of hunger. A founding member of the Coalition to End Money Bond, they helped to pass the Pretrial Fairness Act and served on the Use of Force Task Force on the ordinance. Rev. Pagán-Banks is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ, a trained RJ Circle Keeper, and enjoys yoga, writing, dance, and her 12 beautiful Black grandchildren.

If we want a safe community, then all must have enough to eat, earn a livable wage, access meds if needed, and have a place to truly rest.

If we want a beautiful community, then all must know dignity and respect, have a clear sense of belonging and be truly seen.
If we want to be well, our community must be well.

EdVetté W. Jones

EdVetté is a longtime Rogers Park community activist, writer, and photographer. For over 30 years they have been involved in many social justice programs including working and mentoring with the Circles and Ciphers Youth Organization. In 2019, they served as a teaching artist with the Envisioning Justice Initiative. They have been a 20-year member of the United Church of Rogers Park where they serve as a trustee and artist-in-residence bridging faith and art with community service. Since 2015, they have worked in several different ways to bring police accountability to the forefront. This includes joining GAPA to help draft and pass the progressive ECPS ordinance as well as testifying to implement a viable consent decree for police reform. EdVetté is currently a writer and photographer with Sixty Inches from Center, an arts and archives publication.


Veronica I. Arreola

As founder of the 50th Ward Action Network, Veronica I. Arreola has connected politically engaged neighbors in Chicago’s 50th Ward through online and in-person conversations since 2017. Veronica crafted and implemented The People’s Lobby’s social media plan during the 2019 Chicago municipal elections, and uses online tools to amplify her community organizing efforts. She comes to the issues around public safety as a mother who raised her daughter in West Rogers Park and also as a feminist who understands the interconnectedness of issues of employment, education, and incarceration. Veronica has spent her professional life in education working on diversifying the science workforce by leading efforts at the University of Illinois at Chicago to increase the representation of women and Latinx people in the sciences. 

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